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Our Services

We have expertise across the full spectrum of microfluidic device development, from initial concept, through to prototyping, testing, design iteration and design for manufacturing scale up.

Design Consultancy

We have expertise in microfluidic chip design and can produce 3D models from a sketch, list of requirements or a conversation. Using our expertise in design of microfluidics for 3D printing we can turn designs into reality in days or quicker.


At Rapid Fluidics we have the capability to swiftly produce your microfluidic designs, from droplet generators to pneumatic manifolds, allowing us to complete the manufacturing process in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Product Development

With our expertise and experience we can accelerate development from idea to functional microfluidic chip. We prototype, test, iterate, and achieve optimal fluidic performance through efficient product development processes.

Small batch production

Need a few hundred chips for testing but not ready to invest in injection moulding tools? Or just haven't got time for tool production? We can produce small batches of parts to bridge the manufacturing gap between prototyping and high volume manufacture.

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