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Universally adjustable, modular microfluidic clamping system

MMS - Modular Microfluidic System

  • Microfluidic test bed and 2 adjustable microfluidic clamps including sealing ferrules.

    • Microfluidic clamps are height adjustable between 2mm and 10mm.
    • The clamps have a reach of 20mm from the edge of a part to the centre of a via.
    • Clamps/Ferrules are suitable for 1.6mm (1/16") OD tubing.
  • AMENDEMENTS: Amendments to order before or during manufacture process can result in production delays, additional administration andmanufacturing costs. Rapid Fluidics Ltd reserves the right to pass these additional costs to the customer

    SHIPMENT: Ex Works - Incoterms 2010 (EXW). Please provide shipping instructions with order.

    UK – Rapid Fluidics Ltd will arrange shipment at cost if no alternative instructions are received.

    VAT: All prices are exclusive of VAT. Within the European Union, VAT will be added to all prices at the applicable rate unless thecustomer's VAT number is quoted on their purchase order.

    TERMS: Invoiced on order

    LEAD TIME: Dispatched within 5 working days

    PAYMENT: All prices quoted are in £, with payment required in £(sterling)

    NOTES: Rapid Fluidics makes no guarantee of complete suitability for processes heretofore unknown. Due to variation in manual processes used for production, there can sometimes be visual irregularities within the microfluidic channels.These do not affect fluid flow.