Microfluidic Prototyping

We've developed a novel way to rapidly and accurately produce prototype microfluidic test cards. This offers companies developing microfluidic products a range of fluidic building blocks, allowing a much faster iteration cycle through designs before committing to mould tooling.


Custom cards can be prototyped to assess microfluidic designs ahead of committing to mould tool manufacture. For development systems we stock a range of standard geometry test cards which can be connected to build up complex arrangements for demonstrating and optimising assay procedures.


Demonstrator test cards are available for the following mechanisms:

  • Metering: Single inlet card demonstrating fluid metering to +/- 2ul

  • Mixing: Dual inlet cards demonstrating homogenous mixing of dyed water samples

  • Thermal cycling: Complex serpentine channel geometry demonstrating successful PCR cycling between 60 and 95C

  • With plenty of other designs in progress



Typical 3D printing of enclosed microchannels depends on the capability to drain uncured resin from enclosed volume once the part is printed. However, complex micro-channel patterns impose unusually high backpressure values that the material itself cannot withstand. Rapid Fluidics' novel system avoids these issues allowing complex channel geometry with features well below 500um.

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Superfast Microfluidics Prototyping and Support. 

We are Microfluidics experts, offering design consultancy and rapid prototyping for complex geometry fluidic cards.  

Microfluidic Consultancy 

We work with customers to help realise their process into products. We can help at any stage of the development, from establishing user requirements; design, build and test of microfluidic systems and prototype instrumentation, to design for mass production and selection of manufacturing partners. We understand the drive to satisfy human factor requirements whilst meeting cost of goods targets and comply with applicable standards. Specifically we've lots of experience designing disposable fluidic cards with a low cost (<$5) requirement.

How to get started with us.

We can offer support across a wide range of product development tasks. For initial contact simply call or email and tell us as much as you can about your project. We have a standard non-disclosure agreement to provide peace of mind and assure confidentiality at this early stage, and we are equally happy to review and sign a client NDA.

Once we’ve agreed the scope of the project, we will produce a written proposal. This will identify key activities and deliverables, as well as highlighting any high risk parts of the project and ways to address these early on in the development, to save expense at a later stage. We aim to give a fixed cost where possible for these phases, but where details are unknown, will supply estimates which are confirmed as soon as information is available.



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