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Superfast Microfluidic Design and Prototyping 

Experts in Microfluidic Design and Rapid Manufacturing

Delivery in days, not weeks.

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What We Do

We provide microfluidic solutions for technology industries.


Using our design expertise and novel 3D printing processes, we can dramatically cut your costs and development times.

Rapid Fluidics is an innovative microfluidics consultancy that specialises in microfluidic design and rapid prototyping services. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology to prototype custom microfluidic devices for a variety of applications. Go from design idea to delivered testable prototype parts in a matter of days.


“The process is a game-changer”

Jamie Marsay

Principle Investigator and Head of Biotechnology

Kromek Group

“We can utilise 3D printing technology to help de-risk other design elements as the technology holds the promise of faster delivery than traditional manufacturing methods”

Lead Engineer, Organ-On Chip Drug Discovery

"We definitely learned a lot from talking and working with you"

R&D Scientist & Project Coordinator, Disposible IVD Company

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Our Clients

Just some of the Amazing companies we've helped to accelerate product development:

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