Partnership with Life on a Chip.

Rapid Fluidics (UK) and Life on a Chip (Germany) are pleased to announce a collaboration agreement between the two consultancies. This brings together advanced skills in microfluidic design and rapid prototyping to serve clients developing microfluidic systems.

With the combination of microfluidic expertise and next-day turnaround microfluidic prototyping, this collaboration allows customers developing point-of-care diagnostics, organs-on-chip, or microfluidic detection devices to save time and money as they develop a working system.

The partnership also allows both companies to leverage having a base in both Germany and the UK to provide quick turnaround and a local point of contact for customers throughout all of Europe.

Rapid Fludics Ltd.

Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, Rapid Fluidics enables customers to benefit from their novel way to produce prototype microfluidic test cards. They offer a range of fluidic building-blocks, allowing fast iteration cycles to help companies progress rapidly and accurately with their designs.

Life on a Chip e.K.

Based in Germany, Life on a Chip provide an all-around service for companies using microfluidics in their devices and products. They’ve expertise in bespoke device designs, installing microfluidic systems into laboratories, optimizing standard operating procedures, and integrating sensors and additional functionality to develop and scale products up to production.

Get in touch now and we’ll starting solving your microfluidic problems, producing and shipping working parts in days.

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